I am an elementary school librarian in an urban setting in Massachusetts. Through the work of creating a more representative and inclusive library collection for my students, I learned a lot about the politics of the publishing industry, the accepted institutional racism and purposeful exclusion of communities in books and that we should be outraged at the continued disenfranchisement of our children.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2016

"Windows and Mirrors" Catalog

I have been writing endlessly and yet, where the hell are the blogposts? There is so much- SO MUCH. Fine Dessert, Large Fears, never MIND the "recall" of George Washington's Birthday and all the racial implications there... I have so much to say, too much to say- but there are many others who have said it in a far more erudite fashion. I am sure you have read all about it too.

Here's something though.

Folks, super excited! Groundwood is introducing a catalog specifically showcasing culturally diverse (or, as I think is more accurate, *inclusive*) books. I love the books from this Canadian publisher, so often they are GORGEOUS. We love independent publishing houses that have been working hard for years to be more inclusive in their publishing...

Read all about it on "Quill and Quire".

There's also a website dedicated to this that will be updated with seasonal titles, BOOK MARK IT! I am going to. Now, if only I had more of a library budget : P
Here's the link...it's super pretty.

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