I am an elementary school librarian in an urban setting in Massachusetts. Through the work of creating a more representative and inclusive library collection for my students, I learned a lot about the politics of the publishing industry, the accepted institutional racism and purposeful exclusion of communities in books and that we should be outraged at the continued disenfranchisement of our children.
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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Diversity Is More Than Skin Color

How exciting- social media, articles, webinars, editorials, blog posts, and books all about how to support diversity in books. Yes! Publishers to buy them from. Yes! Ways to guide discussions around diversity. Yes! Opening doors for our kids through literature. Yes!

This blog, mainly chronicles me, my library and my effort to make a "reflective library" collection. I tend to focus on this blog mainly on the side of racial and cultural diversity, however that does not take away from my efforts to create a diverse library within the realms of gender, GLBTQ, religion, mental illness, family makeup, etc., etc. ETC., ETC. We ALL deserve a reflective library. Come find your book...

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