I am an elementary school librarian in an urban setting in Massachusetts. Through the work of creating a more representative and inclusive library collection for my students, I learned a lot about the politics of the publishing industry, the accepted institutional racism and purposeful exclusion of communities in books and that we should be outraged at the continued disenfranchisement of our children.
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Series of Series: Ling & Ting

Grace Lin is an amazing and award winning author best known for her chapter books for children, here is her debut as an author of early readers featuring twins, Ling & Ting! These twins may be identical in looks, but it ends there... The two books in the series (I use the term loosely here...here's hoping there are more in the works!), "Ling & Ting Not Exactly the Same" and "Ling & Ting Share a Birthday"  prove that these sisters are funny, complex and charming in their own ways. I don't think these books have seen the shelf in my library, they are constantly in circulation.

The New York Times Book Review wrote the following:

While there are some excellent books with modern Asian-American characters for older children, there are very few in the early-reader category. “Ling and Ting: Not Exactly the Same!” is a fine addition to the shelf. Even the youngest children should find themselves drawn along to the next page by engaging stories that unfold illustration by illustration.

For the complete review, click here.

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